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TorPASS 2014 Mar: Member Presentations: 5-15 minutes each

TorPASS Member Presentations - Lightning Talks and Mini-presentations

This is your opportunity to share your thoughts on any topic you want. Sure, SQL Server is our thing, but this is just like an open mic. If it's Safe For Work, it's good.

Presentations can be 5 or 15 minutes in length:

  • -  5 Minute Lightning Talk - Can you compress something meaningful into just 5 minutes?  I know it can be done.  These talks tend fall more on the rant/fun/lively side, but serious content is also appreciated.  You don't have to slides or even stick to a typical presentation format. We've seen poetry, demos, songs, drawings, you name it.
  • - 10 to 15 minute mini-presentation - You have more flexibility here, but there is still a max of 15 minutes of presentation. Find a topic that you want to share, that still has enough room for audience questions and comments.  

Prizes & Awards!

We will have some special prizes for presenters.  When you register for the event, there will be a place on the registration to opt in to the talks.


5:30 - 6:00 PM Check in, networking and pizza

6:00 - 8:00 PM Program

8:00 - 8:30 Wrap up and prize draw.  We have swag!

8:30 - ?? Beverages at a local pub - Join us!

Parking and Transit

There is a street car stop within one block.  We recommend parking at the Green P lot that is just one block away.  We recommend you pay the max rate for parking until 7 AM the next morning, which amounts to about $6 depending on when you arrive.


The doors to the building lock after 6PM.  Your registration for the meeting will include contact information to reach us to have someone escort you in.  The best bet is to arrive before 6PM and head to the fourth floor and head to the end of the hallway.



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