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3rd Annual Member Presentations: Lightning Talks and Mini Presentations

3rd Annual Member Presentations: Lightning Talks and Mini Presentations

This is your opportunity to share your thoughts on any topic you want. SQL Server is our thing, but this is just like an open mic. If it's Safe For Work and related to data, databases or SQL Server, it's good. We don't want marketing pitches, but we give lots of leeway for topics.


Presentations can be 5 or 10 minutes in length:


  • -  5 Minute Lightning Talk or Group Discussion  Can you compress something meaningful into just 5 minutes?  I know it can be done.  These talks tend fall more on the rant/fun/lively side, but serious content is also appreciated.  You don't have to slides or even stick to a typical presentation format. We've seen poetry, demos, songs, drawings, you name it.  Tell us something we don't know, or engage the audience in a discussion.
  • - 10 minute mini-presentation You have more flexibility here, but there is still a max of 15 minutes of presentation. Find a topic that you want to share, that still has enough room for audience questions and comments.  This is a great time slot if you want to demo something.

  • This year we have awards for speakers. Some are fun, some are major awards.  You need to preregister for attendance to be eligible for awards.


Speaker - YOU!

Every member is free to present.  We'd like for you to tell us about what you want to present in your meeting registration, but you can tweak that between now and the event.

We especially encourage new presenters to stand up and share your thoughts. 

You can bring your own equipment, but it works best if you can put your presentation on a USB drive to display on a shared computer.  Fast transitions are best for everyone.

As a reminder, we'd love everyone to have an opporturnity to speak. We also will have topics we can hand out if you don't have a topic.  Special prizes for those who take on this challenge. 

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